Implementing Q-net Pro queue management system

9 Feb 2017

Q-net Pro gives the maximum benefit to customers in terms of cost savings, improved quality, flexibility of operations and reduces time to make the right decisions.

Company profile
Client is a leading bank, having more, than 200 branches scattered in the country. 

Business situation

Client wanted to reduce the time spent with waiting, time used for administration and service or the number of potential errors and more, they wanted to increase the number of customers served in a certain period of time, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to higher profitability. The stress level in both the client and staff was too high, therefore the offered service was not satisfactory. Management wanted to measure the employee’s performance based on objective data, and to have a good tool to overview the client flow real time summarized in the 200 branches but optionally based on regions.

Technical background

In this bank the tellers work on thin clients, so we had to offer a web based solution. As the requirement was to be able to create grouping of the ticket dispensers’ profile in the branches, the ticket dispenser’s surface also had to be web based. The bank had already provided an App for its clients, this is why it seemed obvious to integrate the queuing system’s appointment solution into this already existing App. One of the main requirement was to set up all data on one site, instead of doing the settings by each branch separately. By this way standardized database can be used. 


This was Q-net Pro web based, centralized, operating system- and database independent queue management system. At the workstations tellers used software keyboards on their thin clients. The solution included customer feedback and voice recording system as well. The client flow started with taking ticket, then waiting and calling the client. The call appeared on the LCD screen, on which advertisement was displayed. When the client arrived by the teller’s counter, the communication started to be recorded, when the administration was done, the record stopped. Before the client left the counter, he could reply on some feedback question, which appeared on a 7” device laying on the desk. Since the manager could see these feedback results even on his smart device, he could play those records, which reached either too high or too low values. So managers could filter the records, for which maximum feedback scores were given, and these conversations was used for training purposes for the new tellers.


The solution made possible to objectively measure the performance of the sales employees/tellers, it could also give information about which area has to be improved, this allowed operational cost saving, which could be invested in other areas. Its big result was a faster customer service and administration, this was beneficiary for the customers, who could meet with the highest expertise sales staff, so their loyalty increased. After half year Q-net experience this bank’s operating cost decreased by up to 17%. 

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Q-net queue management solution

Q-net queue management solution

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