19 Jun 2013

ICTS “sniffs out” state-of-the-art Security System from Honeywell


ICTS UK, a subsidiary of ICTS Europe BV, specialises in the provision of integrated security solutions. The ICTS canine services division, based in Didcot, is a core ICTS service, where dedicated handlers look after and train sniffer dogs to provide invaluable materials detection services in high profile environments. In order to ensure the protection of these valuable assets, and accompanying potentially hazardous training materials, ICTS insurers demanded a Security Grade 2 intruder alarm system at the Didcot facility.

The Situation

The ICTS Didcot Canine Services Centre, which was opened in 2008, is dedicated to the welfare and training of specialised search dogs. Together with dedicated handlers, the dogs provide invaluable services to organisations such as airports, nuclear facilities, and other high profile environments where they assist in the detection of high risk materials. Due to the high economic value of the animals, and the high risk subject matter involved in training, it is essential that the Canine Services Centre is appropriately protected and secured against damage and theft. In order to meet the stringent criteria demanded by ICTS Insurers, not only for the dogs but also for the facility itself, it was stipulated that a Security Grade 2 intruder detection system should be installed prior to the construction of the Centre. The Canine Services Centre required an intruder system which would initially enable security for up to 30 zones, together with the inherent flexibility for future expansion. Also important was the requirement to be able to operate independent sub systems, separating the main site from the kennels, thus enabling exclusive management of each area.

The Solution

ICTS has a long association with Honeywell, and has been installing Galaxy® products for over 7 years. The in-depth ICTS knowledge of the Honeywell product portfolio identified the Honeywell G2 security system as the most appropriate product to meet the needs of the installation. “Due to the proven history and reliability of the Galaxy product range, it would always be our number one choice for mid to high profile installations,” comments Darren Watson Head of Security Systems for ICTS UK. The system installed to protect the Canine Services Centre comprises the G2-44 control panel, the Galaxy MK7 LCD Keyprox, Galaxy 3A Smart PSUs and Galaxy RIO products.

The Benefits

Proven Security System

The Honeywell G2 security system was specified by ICTS as it had previously been reliably installed and maintained, in mid to high profile installations, by their in-house engineering team. It was therefore considered a tried and tested solution, delivering to exact customer requirements.

Timely Delivery

Due to the long standing knowledge of the Galaxy product range, ICTS determined that, by using this particular solution, exact customer requirements could be met through quick and easy installation.

Alarm Verification

The G2 security system supports instant alarm signalling which allows a ”listen-in” capability, to enable an alarm to be quickly verified, and immediate on-site action to be taken.

Ease of Use

The Canine Services Centre required a user-friendly system that would be suitable for all staff to operate. The Galaxy MK7 LCD Keyprox allows the system to be set and unset using a proximity card, enabling easy programming and system control, thus helping to minimise user error generated false alarms.

Flexibility and Scalability

One of the key benefits of using the G2 security system is its flexibility and scalability (i.e. the system is able to be upgraded as the requirements of the centre evolve).The G2 system offers a wide range of functionality such as remote servicing and maintenance, together with wireless options which could be easily added to the system in order to reduce on-site engineer visits, and to provide protection of temporary areas or those which may be difficult to wire.

Partner of Choice


ICTS (UK) Limited has long been a name synonymous with best-in-class security services. A world leader in its field, ICTS has been at the forefront of the global security industry for over twenty-five years – building an unrivalled reputation for service quality, commercial integrity and professional standards. Sustaining steady growth, ICTS is equipped with leading edge technological solutions to compliment its wide range of manpower and canine services. The continued ICTS success is based on an uncompromising commitment to serving its clients and supporting its staff. Innovation, combined a commitment to continuous improvement, underpins the ICTS service philosophy.

The Products

  • Honeywell G2-44+ control panel
  • Honeywell P026-01-B Galaxy 3A Smart PSU
  • Honeywell CP038-01 Galaxy Keyprox
  • Honeywell C072 Galaxy RIO

For additional information, www.honeywell.com/security/uk/

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