iCAM-MobileHD mobile camera for monitoring

Mobile city monitoring system
The mobile camera system iCAM-MobileHD is self-sufficient with its own internal power supply and video recording. Just connect the power and after 30 seconds the camera monitors the area in a radius of up to 200m. The camera has a built-in rechargeable battery providing power for 12 hours. Mounted, for example,  on the lighting pole during night hours will benefit from the power of lighting, as well as recharge the battery. This gives the opportunity for continuous 24-hour operation of the camera.
The fastest city monitoring
This compact device is ready for immediate installation without the need for additional software or other devices. Disassembly and assembly of the camera in a new location takes about 3 minutes and its installation does not require any technical knowledge. You can change the location of the camera by removing power 230 V, detaching camera from the handle lock, and transferring it to a new location. The camera can be used indoors and outdoors which gives a wide range of applications.

Monitoring without additional permits
To run the system iCAM-MobileHD you do not need any additional permits or construction projects. A set of special and strong sockets installed in the most important points in the city and one camera iCAM-MobileHD allows monitoring not just in one place, but in the entire neighborhood. Frequent change of camera location will make potential criminals easier to find as they will not know which place is observed. This will ensure immediate increase of security in the monitored areas. With this solution it is possible to provide a sense of security of all inhabitants of the municipality. The person administering will have access to numerous video materials and photographs from many places. The camera automatically saves the image to the memory and keeps them for 14 days.

Digital quality Full HD

High resolution Full HD camera enables precise registration of events and using them as evidence. When using the optical zoom x20 image clarity is maintained even with the 200 m, which allows the identification of relevant information, eg. to identify a person or vehicle. Camera for use during the day and at night - night mode.

Monitored area within a radius of 200 m
Precise optical zoom will make all the details visible up to 200 m. The decision when and what the camera has to record depends on the administrator. It gives the ability to remotely control the device, and enlarge parts of the image that are particularly important. It has also the option to record a constant scheduled hours, tracks or events. 

iCAM-LTE - additional LTE module for mobile system iCAM-MobileHD
This is an additional option to the mobile camera iCAM for remote control, preview ONLINE and view recordings from anywhere in the world. The system guarantees continuous and stable transmission of video in Full HD without the distance limitations with the latest industrial technologies LTE.

Mobile and temporary application of the camera:
• cities and municipalities
• investors and developers
• special services and the police
• customs and tax
• forest and road services

More information

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