Hunan NovaSky Electronic Technology

NovaSky is a top-rated professional radar technology developer and radar application solution supplier in China. We offer perimeter and wide area detection radars for security market application. We also supply complete intelligent radar video surveillance system for perimeter defense and wide area protection, which can be applied in airport, seaports, oil fields, power plants, prison and other sophisticated perimeter protection sites.  We are launching our Multisensor Anti-UAV / Anti-Drone Defense System, which could make us an overall perimeter security provider from ground to air. 
Our main products are as below:
1. Perimeter & Wide Area Detection Radar Sensors
2. Perimeter & Wide Area Radar Video Surveillance System 
3. Anti- UAV/Drone Defense System (Fixed/Portable)
The benefit of our solution:
1. Better performance at better pricing for wide area surveillance coverage.
2. ...

B7 Lugu Compark, No.27 Wenxuan Rd. Hi-tech Dist.
Changsha, Hunan

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