Hodgson Sayers Ltd

Hodgson Sayers is a specialist in the design and manufacture of security doors, steel enclosures and acoustic enclosures - and will be launching a new range of products at IFSEC.
During the past two years the company has won some of the most prestigious awards in the UK including the British Chambers of Commerce ‘Company of the Year’ 2015 and Constructing Excellence 'Business of the Year' 2015. The breadth of the awards includes recognition of the individual skills of its tradesmen, the commitment to people development and, at a corporate level, the acumen and vision of the senior management team.

Other areas of expertise include roofing, building works, metal fabrication and fencing, where we employ best-in-class, specialist tradespeople, whose skills are honed via in house and external personal development programmes and traditional peer-to-peer mentoring.

Hodgson Sayers Ltd
T: 01207 292 020

Unit 15
Tanfield Lea (North)
Industrial Estate, Tanfield Lea
Stanley, County Durham
United Kingdom

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