Have you considered the safety of your lone workers? A key component in addressing the risk is making arrangements to provide quick back-up or help.

13 Apr 2016

WebeyeSOS is a new Lone Worker Protection Solution that incorporates unique critical safety features that can avoid putting your staff in danger in the first place and also a ‘man down’ feature, monitoring for any periods of in-activity and then raising an alarm to colleagues.

Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare at work of all their employees and any contractors or self-employed people working for them. If you have staff who work alone it is your duty to assess the risk and take measures to manage their safety. WebeyeSOS is an inexpensive solution as it transforms their work or personal smartphone into a fully functional personal safety device but with unbeatable reliability. There is no personal safety solution quite like it. Along with advanced functions it also has unique critical safety features. It is the only lone worker solution working through the award winning webeyeCMS cloud based automated alarm and monitoring platform making it the most secure and reliable solution on the market. There are other personal safety devices but it’s what they fail to tell you that is most important - it might have all the features in the world but if you can’t be absolutely sure you are connected to the out side world it’s useless. Remember - if there is no connection there is no protection. WebeyeSOS is backed by industry leading technology and a team of technical staff giving 24/7 cover and a myriad of software cross checks and balances that exceed BS8484. No protection solution goes further to provide the potentially life saving task of delivering an alarm. 

The solution is easy to install and use, just a quick glance at the phone screen will give the user the current status of GPS and network connection along with the availability of the webeyeCMS alarm platform. The system also gives an audible warning and / or a covert vibration if any part of the system fails thus allowing the user to avoid entering potential danger. The useful 'Man-down' and “Check-in’ feature monitor the user for periods of in-activity and generates an alert if the user fails to respond, if they’re lying motionless after a fall for example. All calls and actions are digitally recorded on our secure servers at various world-wide locations as well as your phone. WebeyeSOS maintains a full audit trail. Your alarm history can be accessed through either the browser or from your handset. It not only tells you when an alarm was sent but also who viewed it (browser version only). 

Failure to establish a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers can lead to a severe fine. WebeyeSOS could become an invaluable tool to offer reassurance and monitor your staff’s safety. 

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