This will certainly be one of the most exciting participations of Global Fire Equipment in an FIREX show, where a completely new line-up of addressable panels will be showcased for the first time. GEKKO, a medium sized panel up to 4 loops and the high-end OCTO-PLUS system, that with CHAMELEON full peer to peer distributed network can achieve 64 nodes building a system with up to 256 loops with single point program for the complete network. At the device level, GFE-SWR new range of ATEX Flame detectors will also be on display along with Aspiration high sensitivity detectors. The second generation of our WEB interface will also be operational for an immersive hands-on experience. Responding to the numerous queries of our global customer base asking for a conventional ZEOS detector, the new ZEOS+ detector will be presented, alongside with new addressable CO/Smoke. This new generation of devices are 3 times more energy efficient which will enable the coexistence of 125 devices together wit...

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