GJD to help resolve an ongoing industry wide problem

17 Jul 2013

An insight into GJD’s new technology D-Tect3

The proven ability of GJD's D-Tect3 detector to dramatically reduce nuisance activations for AIM, leads to the development of a new 'Detector Alarm Alert Module'

AIM (Advanced Independent Monitoring) urgently needed to review the increasing level of nuisance activations received in their Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC).

Jamie Fretwell of AIM commented,

“We were observing high levels of nuisance alarms with PIR products primarily from poor site maintenance (foliage and litter), wildlife and direct sunlight.

We therefore decided to conduct a 14 day test of a number of dual technology external CCTV detectors, including the GJD D-Tect3, on those customers experiencing the highest levels of nuisance activations. When comparing PIR to the dual technology, the minimum improvement we found was an astonishing 85% reduction in alarms.

We now recommend the use of dual technology detectors, to all our independent installation companies. By utilising new technology, like GJD’s D-Tect3, which incorporates both PIR and microwave sensors, makes monitored CCTV more cost-effective on each site.”

Following the success with the D-Tect3, AIM approached GJD to help resolve an ongoing industry wide problem. The difficulty was to identify when faulty detectors were permanently in alarm or where an active beam had been blocked. By working together, AIM and GJD developed a new concept – the Detector Alarm Alert Module (DAAM).

This system continually monitors the condition of the alarm inputs, providing either a
local indication or an alert at the RVRC if the system integrity is compromised, when the CCTV system is in either a set or unset condition. This ensures that customer's do not leave their premises vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Mark Tibbenham, MD of GJD, manufacturers of advanced security equipment including the D-Tect3, commented,

"We're delighted with the outcome of these carefully controlled AIM trials comparing the performance of our units with less sophisticated detectors. The results speak for themselves and have lead to AIM promoting our D-Tect3 units for many applications and seeking our expertise for the development of the Detector Alarm Alert Module."

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