GJD’s new D-TECT 2 IP intrusion detector is a game changer

23 Mar 2015

GJD release new D-TECT 2 IP intrusion detector

GJD Manufacturing Limited, one of the world’s most innovative leaders in UK manufacturing, design and supply of CCTV LED Illuminators and professional external detector equipment is continuing to set itself apart from its competitors, with the launch of its cutting-edge D?TECT 2 IP Detector. The new IP detector is perfect for both security and IT sectors, owing to the fact that security products are becoming significantly more integrated with IT and associated infrastructure.

The new D-TECT 2 IP is a highly sophisticated IP-based detection device that harnesses the power of IP with PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity, advanced signal processing, quad pyro scanning and unique optical systems to provide state-of-the-art alarm capture. Mark Tibbenham, Managing Director at GJD commented: “For customers that want to make the transition to IP based detection, the D-TECT 2 IP combines all of the versatile benefits of the D-TECT 2 PIR coupled with IP connectivity, providing highly reliable IP based security detection”.

The D-TECT 2 IP works in conjunction with a bespoke and user-friendly web based user interface affording intuitive and quick online access. Another key benefit is that the user can change all of the detector settings remotely via the interface. Some of the adjustable settings include the ability to alter the LUX level trigger, sensitivity and detection range as well as setting activation for specific times.

Detailed alarm information triggered by the D-TECT 2 IP can be used to monitor the precise movement of an intruder using two methods. One being direct IP, as all alarm signals can travel peer-to-peer to directly communicate and control cameras, LED Illuminators, alert guards, automatically send SMS messages or emails. Alternatively signals can be sent directly via IP to video management software (VMS). VMS solutions are often required for large installations being the most effective way to monitor all cameras. By using PoE the D?TECT 2 IP supports most VMS and IP cameras including Milestone, Mirasys, Bosch VMS, Griffid and SeeTec, to name a few.

Equipped with a pan and tilt dual Infra-Red scanner, the D-TECT 2 IP boasts a programmable beam range of up to 30 metres, which helps to avoid boundary overspill and offers truly exceptional resistance to false alarms. Also packed with engineer friendly features, the IP detector is extremely quick and easy to install with simple and cost effective service and maintenance.

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