Gatwick Airport Shut Down from Deliberate Drone Disruption

12 Mar 2019

Gatwick Airport’s runway was unavailable due to continued drone sightings, and as a result, many airlines have canceled flights. Dedrone technology is deployed around the world with militaries, correctional facilities, for public events and at airports. However, international aviation organizations have not yet adopted drone detection technology, leaving airports vulnerable to drone threats and incursions.

Here is a brief overview of how Dedrone drone detection technology can help at airports like Gatwick:

  • What is the current status of counter-drone technology in airports? 
    There are airports doing testing, but very few airports are putting them into use.

  • Have unauthorized drones interrupted airport operations before?
    Yes, check out the Dedrone Drone Incident Center for references

  • Can airports shoot down drones?
    International aviation agencies classify a drone flying as an aircraft in flight. If an airport were to take it down, they would have then downed an aircraft. So until the laws have caught up, there is nothing airports can do without involving a government agency to initiate the countermeasure. There are technologies being developed, including radio frequency jammers, but they are not authorized for commercial or airport use.

  • What does Dedrone do?
    The Dedrone platform is a fully automatic counter-drone solution, and uniquely designed to passively detect, classify, and mitigate drone-based threats. RF signals are processed and evaluated with the intelligent DroneTracker software. DroneTracker’s correlation and analysis of this information reliably classifies approaching drones and triggers alarms to alert security staff.
  • Could Dedrone technology have prevented disruptions like the one at Gatwick?
    Dedrone technology is able to alert an airport when a drone enters protected airspace and follow the drone’s flight path to locate and apprehend the pilot. Drone detection technology provides situational awareness of the lower airspace and gives airports an opportunity to get ahead of the threat before it causes harm or disrupts operations.

  • What’s Dedrone doing now at airports?
    Dedrone is currently protecting the airspace of several airports around the world. Additionally, the company is involved with a demo at Manchester Airport with Vodafone, Altitude Angel, and other technology partners.

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Dedrone RF-100

Dedrone RF-100

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DroneTracker Platform

DroneTracker Platform

The Dedrone platform is a fully automatic counter-drone solution, and uniquely designed to detect, classify, and mitigate drone-based threats. Its optimized hardware can be mounted to rooftops or poles, and identifies approaching drones by means of frequency, visual, and acoustic sensors. RF and Wi-Fi sign...

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Dedrone RF-100

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