Galaxy Security is a leading manufacturer in the distribution of security cameras and systems (CCTV) in North America, headquartered in Markham, Canada. We bring high-value, innovative and reliable surveillance solutions to the global market and fulfilled business needs of various scales. Our customers include the government, corporations, restaurants, warehouses, casinos and schools etc. We are proud to serve thousands of installers, dealers, retailers and end users who rely on our products for safety and efficiency. Our aim is to provide a professional & peace of mind solution to all product users and system integrators, in order to grow our business by growing our partners' businesses We put the same dedication into our customer relationships as we do into the quality of our products. Our commitment to excellence, rigorous testing, stringent standards, and durable, reliable products mean that our partners can deliver the same sense of dependability when supplying Galaxy Produc...

217 Upper Richmond Road
SW15 6SY
United Kingdom

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