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10 Apr 2014

Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire 03 March, 2014 - G24, leaders in CCTV and ANPR technology , are pleased to announce the continued growth of StoreGuard, a service that lets on site security teams know who’s parking in their facilities.

G24’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system cross references millions of number plates of cars at entry against lists of known offenders or undesirables. The system then automatically alerts in real time a dedicated security officer so that they can be dealt with.

Our loss prevention teams, retail clients and managing agents are seeing an immediate positive impact to the safety of customers and reduction in crime related loss. StoreGuard is a solution with real value, helping reduce fraudulent activities and creating a safer environment.

The solution works equally well in telling our clients when a high value person arrives or a VIP that may need the red carpet treatment.

We pride ourselves in delivering truly valuable data understanding how and when our clients use car parks has a variety of uses. For instance knowing how long vehicles stay helps round out footfall figures and enables clients to time promotions more accurately. StoreGuard is the latest way in which we add value to the data we gather.

With multi-site installations, StoreGuard can alert you when vehicles visit multiple locations helping protect our clients from even the most persistent criminals. With access to our internal suspect databases and those belonging to crime prevention agencies, StoreGuard can alert you on active suspects you have no prior information on.

G24 are pleased to announce the launch of StoreGuard across an additional 50 locations this quarter belonging to major clients. With an increased market presence, we expect our next quarter to be even stronger.

About StoreGuard

StoreGuard is a new - and highly innovative - offering from G24.

Using ANPR, StoreGuard sends alerts in real-time directly to a mobile handset when particular vehicles enter your car park, allowing our clients to increase on site vigilance to stop crime from every occurring.

Our system, in partnership with Retailers Against Crime searches a number of databases to narrow the list of suspect vehicles and can share this information across a client’s entire estate. Keeping all your staff informed of active suspects threatening your business, regardless of their geographical location.

It’s a solution of real value to loss prevention departments as an onward service to their clients, many of whom are major brands with multiple locations.

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