Flex Case Study

21 Apr 2017

Flex - Sketch-to-Scale and Manufacturing Leader Flex Reduces Risk and Cost with Pivot3 Hyperconverged Video Surveillance Solution.“Video surveillance is vitally important to our business,”said Chambliss. “Pivot3 plays a critical role in ensuring our security and business data is protected from loss and readily available when needed.”–Tyrone Chambliss, Director of Brand Protection & Security Systems, Flex.

Pivot3’s ability to linearly scale capacity and performance allows Flex to meet growing datastorage needs as it expands operations, adds camera counts, shifts toward higher resolu-tion models and meets extended data retention requirements. The unique architecture ofPivot3’s HCI surveillance solution ensures all video data is accessible centrally regardless ofphysical location. In the event of hardware failures, virtual servers automatically restart onanother appliance with no user intervention. With Pivot3’s built-in server failover, previouslyrecorded video and security data remains fully accessible.

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