FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

28 Apr 2015

CASE STUDY FIS Nordic World Ski Championships “...The integration and accreditation has been a great success for us because it has made the entire process easier, with the chip on the card, we have much more control of the whole process.” Trygve Lauritzen, Chief of Security Nordic World Ski Championships TOP REASONS WHY FIS CHOSE HID GLOBAL SOLUTIONS ƒ Future-proof HID Global iCLASS® 13.56 MHz technology, specifically designed to meet the complex challenges of a large-scale access control and accreditation project ƒ Long-term partnership between HID Global, Channel Partner Infratek and HID Connect Partner SMI ƒ Reliable, cost-effective solution that can be scaled to any size

Solutions The FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) Nordic World Ski Championships take place every two years and attract world class athletes from around the globe to compete in more than 20 events. The 2011 World Championships were held from February 23 through March 6 in Oslo, Norway.

Nearly 600 competitors from 50 countries took part in the Championships, which were viewed by over 270,000 ticket-paying spectators and more than 300,000 sports enthusiasts outside of the arena. With all of the attendees of the various ceremonies, more than 1.2 million visitors came to Oslo. In addition to the competitors, there were many support teams and volunteers, event officials and 1,600 media representatives from over 20 countries.

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