Fike protects large data center

15 Nov 2013

Fike's ProInert gas fire suppression system selected to protect Sovereign Business Integration Group data center


A data center based in North London – Sovereign Business Integration Group required a highly reliable fire solution. The data center containing critical electrical equipment, is a state of the art installation and the first tier three data centre within the M25.


Responsible for protecting 100% of its client’s data, Sovereign Business Integration Group contracted fire systems supplier Gemini Fire. Operations manager George Phillips recommended Fike’s ProInert Gas Fire Suppression System. The selected sytem was a 26 bottle ProInert system, installed from the central cylinder room, inclusive of pipework and nozzles installed throughout the facility; both in the rooms and floor voids.

The ProInert System was a considered the perfect solution;

  • Inert gas- extinguishes fire with no impact on equipment or personnel, no residue or vapour.
  • Safe and controlled process due to Fike’s unique ProInert valve.
  • Lower capital outlay, smaller bore pipe work, lower installation costs and lower maintenance costs.

The Moorfield Centre
Moorfield Road
Guildford, Surrey
United Kingdom

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