Fike introduce a newer generation of Inert gas fire protection

22 Oct 2013

Fike release ProInert2 to the fire suppression market

Since its introduction in 2003, ProInert has become widely accepted as one of the best performing, most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly inert gas fire extinguishing systems. With the introduction of ProInert2, that same technology is available with the addition of actuation at the valve, and three additional inert gas options.

Inert gas systems are the safe natural way to extinguish fires. Fike’s system features a unique, constant flow valve which eliminates the potentially hazardous pressure peaks associated with most inert gas system discharges. With the ProInert valve design the gas is delivered at a steady rate, reducing venting requirements and allowing for the use of low pressure piping across longer spans --providing significant cost savings and reducing potential risk.

“In addition to the savings realized because of the constant flow rate valve technology, the new ProInert2 offers actuation right at the valve, eliminating the need for additional hardware,” commented Kevin Kenny, Fike Global Product Manager. “This not only simplifies the actuation process, it further reduces costs and on-going maintenance.”

As with other inert gas extinguishing systems, ProInert2 is designed to reduce the oxygen concentration inside the protected space until it reaches a level where combustion is no long supported. The UL/FM and LPCB approved ProInert was introduced featuring IG-55, a 50/50 blend of the naturally occurring Argon and Nitrogen gases. ProInert2 now offers three additional gas options.

“In addition to IG-55, ProInert2 can now use IG-541 (a blend of Argon, Nitrogen and CO2), IG-100 (Nitrogen only) or IG-01 (Argon only) as the extinguishing agent,” explains Mark Austin, Managing Director of Fike FPS Ltd – Fike’s subsidiary that services the European and Sub Saharan African markets. “Each of the gases is environmentally inert, and the system will still operate using Fike’s exclusive pressure-regulating valve technology. This added flexibility allows us to satisfy those customers who prefer alternative agents.

To compliment the launch of ProInert2 Fike have released a new product video that explains the advantages that ProInert2 has over other inert gas suppression systems, you can view it on the Fike Corporation YouTube channel.

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