We are the Manufacture of Infrared LED/White light Illuminators in Korea who is specialized long and middle range Illuminators as well short distance for all of CCTV. Our LED illuminator’s strong points:

  1. We produce our LED with the way of special LED enumeration and dramatically decreased internal heat.
  2. Paragon tech offer max 2 years warranty on every product.
  3. Our product show best performance on any circumstances and is designed to maintain the quality against shock like physical impact and intended damage. Because It is made of Polycarbonate and Aluminum
  4. We obtained IP Rate 66~67 on every product.
  5. It can control amount of light
  6. And can be managed most proper performance as following the user’s preference with adjusting sensitivity of photocell by user or installer at the site at any circumstances.
  7. It is designed to watch 360degree, every directions with connecting the product...

T: +82 70 7432 9744

B1, Gilsung B/D, 56-16 Daehyun-Dong
Korea, Republic of

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