EV – Mega Vault

The container based ‘plug and power’ Low Voltage energy storage & grid-tie inverter offers reliable high-performance power conversion for utility-scale grid-connected battery applications.
The container can be transported to the source of the power need – either as an energy backup system or for capturing unused generated power to release to the grid at a time of high demand and thereby smoothing out peaks and troughs in the renewable energy supply vs demand dilemma.
The container is available in 250kWh, 500kWh or 1MWh storage sizes, and can be installed in low voltage systems and can even be daisy-chained to increase storage capacity.
The EV-MEGAWATT incorporates a large number of low voltage battery banks based on Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries, offering industry leading superior power charging and discharge capabilities.

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EV – Energy Vault

EV – Energy Vault

The Energy Vault, also known as EV, is a continuous off-grid electricity supply. The device offers you continuity of business through its ability to charge through the Grid or renewable energy sources, store the energy and then distribute it accordingly to your chosen PoE devices. QED’s own tests have p...

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EV Mini

EV Mini

The EV Mini is a miniature EV that is entirely off-grid. The original Energy Vault distributes power over Cat5 cable and can be charged through renewable energy sources or alternatively, the grid. Whereas the EV Mini gives devices power directly and can only charge through renewable energy sources. qq...

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