Eter Biometric Technologies

Eter Biometric Technologies came to life from the founding partners' vision and strong belief in the use of innovative technology for security and in its development in order to meet the increasing demand for these types of products and services. The partners at Eter Biometric Technologies are: Mr Marcello p.i. Canali, business management. Mr Canali boasts a twenty year experience as the owner of an operating company in the industry of electronic systems creation and the installation of security and electrical systems. Eng. Andrea Giacobazzi, technical management. Mr Giacobazzi is a qualified Computer Engineer whose thesis was on cryptography and digital signature. He has experience in the creation of computer security software and web applications, as well as a multi-year experience of biometric technologies and their electronic security systems. The fusion of these strengths and competencies in a booming market has allowed the company to gain a significant growth trend over the course of the years. Eter Biometric Technologies was created specifically with the objective of marketing, distributing and integrating electronic systems for the gathering and recognition of biometric data (fingerprints, hand geometry, faces, irises, retinae, voices etc…). Over the course of the years, the business has broadened its own experience and its own range of products into other sectors of electronic security, such as access control, anti-intrusion, perimeter protection, fibre optic security systems, video surveillance - both IP and analogical, fire detection, satellite localization and computer security. The introduction of new figures to the business structure has permitted the acquisition of the latest expertise both technical and commercial for the development of the business, but what we need to highlight are the extremely positive expectations of future development that living within the organisation as a whole. A fundamental step in the growth of the company has been the designing, engineering and development of the Eter brand products, as is the development of fibre optic technology for use in security applications, with the creation of an anti-theft system for photovoltaic panels and the introduction of an anti-vibration perimeter system with copper wiring, used in both industrial and residential applications. The company has the expertise and the know-how to provide advice for the selection of a security product of a high technological content as well as assistance in the estimation phase of the system. System integration: Eter Biometric is in the position to offer support, advice and development for the integration of their own technology in newly designed or already existing electronic systems, as well as for the development and the personalization of the software application necessary for use with electronic security systems. Eter Biometric Technologies has now been active for over a decade in the field of production and distribution of electronic security systems, with particular specialisation in the biometric area, namely the identification of people through biological characteristic recognition (e.g. finger prints or iris identification) and fibre optics in security applications. Our mission consists of selecting technologically advanced and, most importantly, highly reliable products and systems, for the creation of security systems for the protection of people and goods. Our supply is continuously evolving and is finely tuned due to the constant choice of products and solutions available on the market, which are then tested and verified in real-life conditions of application. The experience and the well-rounded know-how allow for the creation and adequate solution planning for security system applications, based on different client demands, and the potential integration of the products with hardware and software solutions created by us, in this way we are able to offer a global advisory service.

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