Eter Biometric Technologies

Eter Biometric Technologies came to life from the founding partners' vision and strong belief in the use of innovative technology for security and in its development in order to meet the increasing demand for these types of products and services. The partners at Eter Biometric Technologies are: Mr Marcello p.i. Canali, business management. Mr Canali boasts a twenty year experience as the owner of an operating company in the industry of electronic systems creation and the installation of security and electrical systems. Eng. Andrea Giacobazzi, technical management. Mr Giacobazzi is a qualified Computer Engineer whose thesis was on cryptography and digital signature. He has experience in the creation of computer security software and web applications, as well as a multi-year experience of biometric technologies and their electronic security systems. The fusion of these strengths and competencies in a booming market has allowed the company to gain a significant growth trend ...

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