eSurv to launch new edition eSurv 5.0 M.A.R.S. at IFSEC stand D400 on June 18th at 3 p.m.

11 Jun 2014

eSurv will launch 5.0 Multipolar Advanced Remote Surveillance System, compatible with Google Glass and drones in addition to cameras, at IFSEC stand D400 on June 18th at 3 p.m.

eSurv is a powerful software solution for video management and video analytics, that allows you to see, manage and analyze video streams through any kind of device. By supporting the Onvif and Flir standards, eSurv enables easy integration with any camera, NVR and DVR.

Even Google Glass can display live video streams of the cameras connected to eSurv. Moreover, Google Glass can become an additional camera, sending live images captured to eSurv, with GPS coordinates. Using Google Glass it is possibile to search and view recordings coming from cameras connected to eSurv.

Moreover, eSurv enables advanced surveillance system on any kind of drone since it is able to get the target and drive a drone to follow it, while getting and analysing videos to be used for information and evidence in security investigations.

Regardless of vendor camera, eSurv is able to perform real-time video analytics, thanks to its powerful algorithms Smart Plug-in.

If an event is detected, eSurv automatically produces real-time alerts via SMS, email and push notification on mobile devices, enabling a more quick reaction to any potential hazards. Moreover eSurv uses metadata generated during the video analysis to make video research easier and to reduce time required to conduct investigations.

eSurv is available as SaaS (Software as a Service), through any kind of cloud computing infrastructure, both public and private, and obviously on physical and virtualized server.

The goal of the stand is to communicate one of the features that makes eSurv, the most powerful and innovative software in the world of video surveillance solutions: the possibility to use it as SaaS (software as a service) through any cloud computing infrastructure, whether public or private.

Thus the dominant scenic element is the "cloud". Nevertheless in the stand there are also the other features of eSurv "Different Innovation": video analytics thanks to its Smart Plug-ins, the video analysis algorithms independent from the camera; accessible and manageable from any browser, because it is completely web based; mobile thanks to the free application developed for smartphones and tablets.

The scenic impact does not forget the practical: from the five screens you can watch demonstrations of the eSurv, that uses the cameras on the stand and the instance in the cloud computing infrastructure. The demonstrations will befrom pc as well as from smartphones and tablets, allowing you to experience the innovative features of eSurv.

Visitors also will be able to learn more about the solution using the tablets laying on two of the four podiums positioned at the base of the cloud.

In the next day, there will be more info about the "items" laying on the other two podium, both linked to a new concept of video surveillance, which seems something like "giving you the glass... and the wings!".

T: 0039800903677

Via M. Macchi, 27

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