eSurv in cloud for the city safety

30 May 2014

Vallo della Lucania is a town located in the Cilento area, in Southern Italy. It needed to monitor critical areas, to provide security to its citizens, avoiding investment in server infrastructure to be managed locally.

The chosen solution is E-Surveillance of Telecom Italia, the Italian bigger telco company, that is also an eSurv Partner. E-Surveillance in fact is a video surveillance SaaS (Software as a Service), coming from the deployment of eSurv in the cloud computing infrastructure "Nuvola Italiana" (whose owner is Telecom Italia).

eSurv is the only video surveillance software that provides significant economic benefits to the city used also in the cloud. For example, the town did not need to adopt hardware infrastructure on-premises, thus it does not spend money and time for managing and updating the servers.

Completely web based, eSurv allows the local police to access live and recordings from any type of devices (PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets) simply through a web browser, in real time and wherever they are. eSurv also ensures the protection of investment, since at any time the town can add a potentially infinite number of cameras and powerful video analytics, using eSurv Smart Plug-in.

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