eSurv for the migration to a modern IP video surveillance system for the finance industry

30 May 2014

Banca di Credito Cooperativo dei Comuni Cilentani is a bank group, born from the merger of cooperative societies of the Cilento area in southern Italy, with the purpose to facilitate farmers and artisans to get loans.

Equipped with an old video surveillance system, partially analog, the bank needed a more modern IP-based system for the surveillance of all its branches.

Choosing eSurv, the bank has been able to migrate to a powerful IP-based video surveillance system, quickly and at very low cost, optimizing the investment previously made and allowed the surveillance staff to remote access to live & recordings and to export video streams from the cameras of all branches.

Moreover, thanks to eSurv extreme modularity, it has been created an infrastructure of recording servers distributed in the branches, but managed centrally by security personnel.

Through a web browser, eSurv allows to view live and recordings and to export images from the cameras of all the 100 branches. No other solution has been able to ensure the same flexibility, with the same economic investment.

Moreover eSurv has also an intelligent storage management system that ensures the continuity of the recording in the event of hardware damage, managing any fail over autonomously , without requiring the intervention of IT.

Indeed eSurv is the ideal solution for banks: in addition to be a powerful video management solutions, allows at any time sophisticated video analytics, thanks to its Smart Plug-in.

Its pop-up notification system and instant messaging (via SMS, email and push notification on mobile devices) allows to receive real-time alerts of potential dangers, for fast reaction.

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