eSurv Face Recognition at ENI Spa

30 May 2014

ENI Spa is a multinational company with more than 78,000 employees, active in the fields of oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, electricity production. For its project "Next Office" has chosen eSurv and its Smart Plug-in Face Recognition.

eSurv, through its powerful and sophisticated Smart Plug-in Face Recognition, performs facial features identification, in few seconds and with high levels of accuracy, to control and manage access to C-levels offices at ENI headquarter in San Donato Milanese (Milan - Italy).

Since eSurv is integrated with the existing domotic system, after identified the person, it gives the input for a welcome message (personalized for the person) appearing on the door and then for opening the door.

"Building a physical space where you can experience the dynamic interaction between man and the most innovative technological solutions to promote a better work experience, with increased safety, productivity, and collaboration": this has been the goal of "ENI iTeam", the team developing the project called "Ufficio del Futuro" (i.e. next office), whose responsible is Enrico Chiesa, ENI CIO.

Among the companies involved (such as Microsoft and Samsung) and the innovative solutions chosen for the project, eSurv is the only video management system engaged in the project.

T: 0039800903677

Via M. Macchi, 27

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