Escutcheon "Gefest"

Escutcheon "Gefest" has a universal and smart configuration which makes it easy to apply to any sprinkler. It can be used both for recessed and flush installation. It can be colored according to RAL.  

65-A Serdobolskaya street
Saint Petersburg

Fire retardants Gefest

Fire retardants "Gefest"

Fire retardants "Gefest" are manufactured for metal, wood and cable constructions.
Fire retardants are aimed for being laid on units to increase their fireproof limit up to 120 minutes and preventing fire spreading. The compound “GEFEST” refers to goods for manufacturing, technical and household purposes a...

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Fireproof junction boxes Gefest

Fireproof junction boxes "Gefest"

The body of junction boxes is made of 3mm thick galvanized steel and is covered by polymeric paint. It has double protection against corrosion because of galvanic treating and polymeric cover.

There are ceramic terminal blocks inside the body, which provide a tap screw connection and a grounding gr...

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Light fire panels Irida-Gefest

Light fire panels "Irida-Gefest"

Light fire panels "Irida-Gefest" are manufactured for use in notification and evacuation systems, fire suppression systems and other informational purposes. 

IP - 41; 66
Temperature - from -40 up to +55
Type: Stencil/L.E.D.

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Sprinklers GG Aqua-Gefest

Sprinklers GG "Aqua-Gefest"

Sprinklers are manufactured with glass bulb of quick response (3 mm), without any coating or with a decorative one. Sprinklers are for use in areas with low or average risk level.

Sprinklers are manufactured in pendent, upright and horizontal types.

K-factors: &nb...

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Sprinklers with electrical activation and monitoring of activation.

Sprinklers with electrical activation and monitoring of activation.

"Gefest" Enterprise group has designed a new approach to sprinkler systems using sprinklers with electrical activation and monitoring of activation together with control panels and special satellite fire detectors. It is the most up-to-date extinguishing system.
Sprinklers with electrical activation consis...

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Water-mist sprinklers GG Aqua-Gefest

Water-mist sprinklers GG "Aqua-Gefest"

Water mist sprinklers "Aqua-Gefest" are implemented for extinguishng and localizing fires.

Sprinklers are manufactured in pendent, upright and horizontal types.

K-factors:   4,75; 8,55; 13,3; 17,1; 19; 24,7

Advantages of use:

  • Lowering...
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