Escalators & Travelators Deep Cleaning

Escalators are notoriously difficult to clean properly. Conventional cleaning machines are only able to clean the top of the steps, leaving dirty front risers and oily black ‘tram lines’ on each step beneath the brush guards. We exclusively use the German made JUMA Escalator Step 100 & JUMA Travel 600 cleaning machines. The Juma machines ensure we get the job absolutely right every time. They deep clean the steps horizontally and vertically, unlike conventional cleaning methods (arduous cleaning by hand, sponge systems etc.). In a single operation, the Juma Step 100 cleans the complete visible step area quickly, safely, reliably, easily, and thoroughly, without leaving any residue. Together with our own specially developed tools, our skilled technicians will transform the look of an escalator, removing years of grime from the top treads and vertical risers leaving a bright clean finish.
Travelators, there is only one machine to deep clean Travelators, the German made Juma Travel 600. Most conventional cleaning machines double up as floor cleaners and are not upto the task of deep cleaning large Travelators. Many simply do not have the power or capacity to carry out a deep clean of this type. Our “Das Original” Juma Travel 600, and the Juma Travel 550, specially made for us to clean hard to access escalators, are the only machines capable of truly deep cleaning Travelators to the highest standard.

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Escalator & Travelator Step Safety Demarcation Painting

Escalator & Travelator Step Safety Demarcation Painting

After completing a thorough deep clean to allow proper adhesion of the paint, we spray the yellow demarcation lines to the edge of the escalator steps, to either match existing lines or in the style of your choice.

This work is done without the need to remove the steps, and is carried out in si...

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