Enhanced Triple Modal Biometric Authentication System "UBio-X Triple"

UBio-X Triple is powered by the latest biometric algorithms. It’s face, Iris and fingerprint recognition algorithmsallow users to recognize face up to 1m, and iris up to 45cm distance, offering accurate and quick authentication.UBio-X Triple offers a wide range of authentication options including face, Iris, fingerprint, card,mobile access and more. Authentication method can be selected according to the user’s needs providingusers with higher security level and ease of use.

Keeping people safe from the infectious disease is important then ever. UBio-X Triple helps users to be away from the risks of infections by its mask detection and fever screeningfunction. These function can block the suspected infectee’s access with warning message. And it’s remote user enrollment function provides very easy andconvenient registration environment. User’s can enroll their face via mobile phone or tablet or lab top to our UBio Alpeta server system from a remote site with their photo.

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Slim-type Face Recognition System UBio-X Face

Slim-type Face Recognition System "UBio-X Face"

UBio-X Face supports a deep learning algorithm and a face authentication from a distance up to 3 meters and maximum 4 people at the same time when users walk through gates. UBio-X Face meets the needs of user liveness detection even wearing a mask, and prevents attempts with fake faces such as 3D face ma...

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Walk-Through Method 8” Premium Face Recognition System UBio-X Face Premium

Walk-Through Method 8” Premium Face Recognition System "UBio-X Face Premium"

UBio-X Face Premium is powered by the newest face recognition algorithms. it allows users to recognize face up to 4m and mutil faces.UBio-X Face Premium can integrate with fingerprint and QR sensor which called UBio-X FQR, it offers a wide range of authentication options including face, fingerprint, QR c...

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