EFOY Pro fuel cell

EFOY Pro fuel cells are the ideal energy solutions for off-grid and mobile applications. They supply power at any time of the year or day. EFOY Pro fuel cells are available in various performance categories, with outputs ranging from 45 W for small-scale power systems to a 500 W module for UPS solutions.  EFOY Pro fuel cells supply off-grid power for months – without any user intervention. Conventional power sources are often unreliable or offer only short periods of supply. Solar-powered systems cannot guarantee a reliable power supply throughout the whole year, batteries have very limited autonomy and generators produce harmful emissions and are loud. EFOY Pro fuel cells are the perfect power generator: 100% reliable, a long operating life, maintenance-free, quiet and environmentally friendly, lightweight and compact and can be monitored and controlled via a modem. And last but not least EFOY Pro fuel cells can reduce your logistic and operating costs.

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EFOY Pro Energy Solutions

EFOY Pro Energy Solutions

EFOY Pro energy solutions combine power generation via EFOY Pro fuel cells and energy storage with batteries in a suitable housing. There is still sufficient space for customer-specific adaptations. As a system solutions provider, SFC Energy is constantly working to develop complete solutions for various ...

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