Eaton Electrical Products Ltd

Hall 4 Stand E180: Come and visit us in the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) Pavilion to find out more about how we can help you to protect your people, assets and reputation. At this year’s show, Eaton continues to demonstrate and showcase their innovative capabilities with class leading emergency lighting solutions such as our new Adaptive Evacuation System.

In large and complex commercial buildings facing a growing diversity of safety risks from fire to terrorism, evacuation planning is pivotal. To help you promote safer and faster evacuations, we have developed an Adaptive Evacuation System that, unlike static exit signs, uses digital technology to switch between a number of predefined routes and guide people towards the safest available exit in a given scenario. Visit for more information.

Llantarnam Park
NP44 3AW
Cwmbran, Gwent
United Kingdom

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