Eagle Eye Networks Launches Camera Cyber Lockdown

4 May 2017

The enhanced Eagle Eye Cloud Security VMS now includes firewall to block cameras from external communication –

even if they have infections or Trojans. 

Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. today announced it has added Camera Cyber Lockdown to all its products. Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown blocks cameras from communicating with the Internet, stops them from being attacked and compromised, and will not allow any Trojans which may have been implanted in the cameras to communicate with the Internet. This effectively makes all cameras secure from cyber-attacks regardless of the quality of their software or the regular application of software updates. In addition, Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown can detect if an unwarranted communication attempt is made and inform appropriately.

Dean Drako CEO of Eagle Eye stated, “Our goal at Eagle Eye Networks has always been to make the most cyber secure systems for video surveillance in the world. We work on security every day. We have worked hard to make our cloud services cyber secure and are happy that we can extend that security all the way to the camera endpoints.”

Over the past few months, the number and size of attacks utilizing IOT devices like DVRs and cameras have received global attention. Security camera DVRs often come configured with telnet and web interfaces enabled, allowing users to configure the devices and view their security footage over the Internet. These security weaknesses make them vulnerable to attacks. Checking security cameras and DVRs to determine if they have been compromised is not a simple task.

“As an integrator, we offer a variety of services and solutions to our customers to cover a wide range of applications from small business to enterprise organization,” said Rich Mellott, Director of Product Management at Stanley Security. “At the local level, we do a lot of small commercial and industrial installations that are very price competitive and often it requires us to leverage cameras that are not cyber hardened like our enterprise offerings. In those applications, the Eagle Eye technology allows us to provide a much more robust network solution with the camera cyber hardening to lockdown the security solution in an otherwise open and higher risk environment.”

The Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown separates the cameras from the Internet onto an isolated, protected network so they can’t be compromised or used maliciously. The Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown is implemented in the Bridge or Cloud Managed Video Recorder located on the premise. The Eagle Eye Cloud-Premise Flex Storage feature allow video to be stored in the cloud or on premise, but still be managed in a consistent fashion. Regardless of where the video is stored the Eagle Eye video is encrypted both in transit and at rest and the Camera Cyber Lockdown will block the attacks from and to the cameras.

To learn more about Camera Cyber Lockdown, please view the whitepaper on our website.

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