Doordeck kit out Cisco's Mi-IDEA Innovation Centre in Manchester as sole access control provider

26 Sep 2017

Doordeck were thrilled to have been selected by Cisco to kit out their new innovation centre, Mi-IDEA, in the Manchester Science Park. The platform means users will now be able to get in and out, share access and visitor passes entirely from their smartphone.

We’ve been spending a lot of time up in Manchester in recent months, working with Cisco to advise and assist at the brand-new Mi-IDEA innovation centre, where we’re thrilled to have been selected as the sole provider of their access control. 

Mi-IDEA is located in the Bright Building, one of the most technology-enabled buildings in Europe, and is located at the heart of the Manchester Science Park on the university campus. The Bright Building was conceived as the nerve-centre of digital innovation in the north-west, with integrated smart systems and a light and airy design which have seen it described as ‘a bright space, for bright people with bright ideas’ — a natural fit for Doordeck, we hope!
These latest inroads give us the opportunity to reach more users than ever before and offer us a fantastic showcase and valuable feedback in the north-west. We’re also discussing the possibility of further integration with the access control system which serves the rest of the building, potentially offering every single building user the opportunity to experience Doordeck.

Sarah Martin at Cisco said of Doordeck:
"Doordeck was the logical door access system for us at Mi-IDEA, as a post-accelerator we always look to support and encourage startup tech and commercially contract with startups where possible but the technology has to really support what we're trying to do operationally and from day one the door deck system has been easy to implement, use and manage.  The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate with all of our users and visitors commenting on the user experience.  When we do need support the team are always available and beyond helpful.  Many of our users report being disappointed when they have to engage with another door system that isn't Doordeck, never quite finding the same level of service that they've experienced with our Doordeck service here at Mi-IDEA.  We would highly recommend any organisation or estate to consider implementing Doordeck as their passless door access system."

Our close association with Mi-IDEA has also provided us with our first base of operations outside London, and we’ll be working more from Manchester as we collaborate with Manchester Science Partnerships. This has all been made possible thanks to Cisco’s continued championing of Doordeck, and we’re hugely excited by the prospect of further opportunities as we are now an official Cisco Solution Partner. Their support and advice has proved to be invaluable in helping us make Doordeck even better for all our users.

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