Dedicated Micros and FireVu: offering unsurpassed diversity, integration, trust and delivery

24 Jun 2015

Dedicated Micros and FireVu demonstrated high value security and safety solutions for commercial enterprise at this year's IFSEC and Firex.

The solutions offer a diversity unsurpassed by others. Installers and end-users can benefit from the wide range of HD, IP and Analogue CCTV and video based fire detection solutions, designed in-house, which meet and exceed expectations. It is British innovation, quality and value at its best.

New ICE2 cameras and enhanced SD Advanced hybrid DVR/ NVR - with HD analogue capability

The ubiquitous SD Advanced hybrid DVR/NVR also offers HD 720p video when paired with Dedicated Micros High Definition Analogue ICE2 cameras.

It is also fast to install, with lower labour requirements as there is the additional choice of hybrid flexibility with three modes in one: Analogue, High Definition Analogue & HD IP video. The new system is ideal for legacy upgrades.

The high storage 6TB & 12TB SD Advanced enables a future proof full transition to HD using either both the IP and analogue cabling infrastructures.

Moreover, Dedicated Micros has already solved the problems of increased storage requirements associated with HD video recording with it's first to market MultiMode recording which saves up to 50% of the user's storage costs. Dedicated Micros also thought about bandwidth limitations when it brought to market the first digital video transmission device in 1992, today Transcoding is embodied in the NetVu Connected server, enabling low bandwidth review of high resolution recorded video.
It all adds up to a substantial return on investment for installers and end-users.
SmartVu and the SD Advanced NVR IP Video Surveillance Solution
The new upgraded SmartVu range offers remote focus that generates significant saving in installation and maintenance costs as the camera can be installed and then focused from the desktop.
SmartVu camera users have the additional opportunity to benefit from Dedicated Micros' associated technology.
The NVR gives all the additional benefits of NetVu Connected software technology including MultiMode recording and Transcoding.
The HD SmartVu is ideal to use with the SD Advanced NVR, designed and optimised for HD IP performance.
With the built-in closed IP layer 3 switch, up to 16 cameras can directly plug into the SD Advanced NVR, with the potential for up to 32 cameras. It is ideal for retail stores, gas stations and small manufacturing units.
In larger, sites the distributed Virtual NVR system provides substantial benefits.

It is designed to maximise uptime by providing a redundant storage and distributed database architecture as a result of each camera node being capable of operating in isolation to the rest of the network.

Management is completely seamless through the NetVu Connected embedded video management system architecture. COTS storage can be added, a tiered storage scenario created and controlled independently as a result of the benefits of the Dedicated Micros Network and Storage Controller.

The Multi Detector
FireVu's objective is to protect you and your business by adding value over and above any other high-end detection system on the market.

The new Multi Detector utilises video based fire and smoke detectors with thermal detection in a single unique solution.

All FireVu solutions can detect smoke at source, are ideal for voluminous spaces, not impeded in raising alerts when smoke stratification occurs and can provide evidential quality video of incidents.

The Multi Detector’s heat detecting capability can determine when plant and machinery is operating above its expected or allowable temperature.
If a site or plant owner is alerted to unusually high temperatures, even before a fire has ignited, the situation can be addressed. Process monitoring environments will see special value as faults can be identified when parts are starting to malfunction and so major disruption can be avoided.
FireVu’s solutions are made for high value, high risk properties and processes as the growing client list including Sydney Harbour Tunnel, The Gherkin and the Royal Air Hangar Dubai illustrates.

FireVu are the pioneers in effective thermal and video based fire detection for high value properties.

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