Create time-lapses

12 Jun 2018

Large construction sites offer the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful time-lapse video in order to promote construction projects. The camera can be installed anywhere for the perfect point of view and can be adjusted remotely.

The longest bicycle tunnel in Belgium was installed in just under two days. This showcase of infrastructural engineering was captured by the Mobiqam time-lapse functionality. Because of its long battery autonomy, the camera could be installed anywhere to get the perfect point of view. The customer chose a very high quality PTZ camera so its position could be adjusted remotely. Through Mobiqam’s 4G connection, the customer was able to check the works while on the road.

The result is a beautiful time-lapse video that was spread throughout international media. Thanks to Mobiqam’s USB storage, the video was rendered instantly and already online a couple of hours after the works ended.

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