CR Kennedy

21 Mar 2014

CR Kennedy Raises Reliability and Capacity With Surveillance-Optimized Hard Drive Solution


Leading digital closed-circuit television (DCCTV) system wholesaler CR Kennedy needs robust video storage solutions that deliver around-the-clock availability, optimal performance and reliability for the surveillance applications it builds for high-profile Australian and international clients.


The Seagate® Surveillance HDD (formerly SV35 Series™) is the industry’s leading video storage solution designed and developed for the surveillance industry with features to optimize performance, save power and improve reliability in video surveillance applications.


• Risk mitigation and optimized performance through improved reliability, availability and quality

• Cost effectiveness

• Ease of deployment and optimized performance through use of industry standards

• Increased capacity for continuous recording and review long after the event, and ability to store many incoming feeds simultaneously Crime and antisocial behavior come at great cost to business and the community. From graffiti, vandalism and theft, to world events that demonstrate the vulnerability of public places to attack, surveillance systems are playing an increasingly important role as both a deterrent and a source of evidence to support investigations and prosecutions.

With its specific application to the video surveillance market, the Surveillance HDD has become an important ally in CR Kennedy & Company’s battle to protect people and property.

As Australia’s largest distributor of photographic, surveying, surveillance, medical and digital audio equipment, CR Kennedy builds and supplies solution-based surveillance systems for many large, well-known corporate and government customers.

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