Control room consoles installed en-mass for Bristol City Council

24 Mar 2017

An array of custom designed control room consoles installed en-mass for Bristol City Council has successfully been completed by Thinking Space.

A total of 44 consoles were required to be designed, manufactured and installed by Thinking Space. After an extensive planning process, five console designs were identified with key characteristics needed for the roles their operators undertook.  The first design was a Pod technology desk.  11 of these were height adjustable allowing sit/stand working practices, and 22 were static, all designed to be fitted together in blocks of 3. Each Pod desk consists of PC storage in the rear of the desk accessed by a lockable glass door and Moni-Trak for horizontal adjustment of monitor supports for 2 screens.

The second console type is a Concave Technology Desk, a linear desk with dropped back design, arranged in 2 rows facing a large monitor wall, which was built by Thinking Space last year.  9 of these desks were manufactured, 7 of which are height adjustable with electronic controls and programmable pre-set positions, allowing each individual the ability to control their own desk height.  The desk framework has a faceted design which has created a staggered curved effect within the room.

Two static straight technology desks were also manufactured and installed behind the large monitor wall, designed to suit the space available.  All desks installed have been provided with PC storage, power supplies, fully integrated cable management, removable rear panels and Novus monitor mounts and LED task lights.  In addition, a circular meeting table and a total of 44 control room 24/7 chairs complete the furniture requirements for the new control room.

The end result is a professional-looking control room which has been built around each operators’ needs, and the material finishes used by Thinking Space are coordinated seamlessly with the decor of the room to create a peaceful working environment.

Unit 10B The Quadrangle
Abbey Park Industrial Estate
SO51 9DL
Romsey, Hampshire
United Kingdom

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