Clean Extinguishing Agents – The Triangle of Clean Agent Monitoring

15 Jun 2016

CO2, NOVEC™ 1230 and HFC-227ea (FM-200™) and Inert Gases are the principal suppressant gases which the fire industry and Coltraco Ultrasonics work with in terms of monitoring.

We are seeing an increase in the design, installation and commissioning of gaseous extinguishing systems containing NOVEC™ 1230, a decrease in HFC-227 ea/FM-200™, a slight increase in CO2 and a steady use of Inert Gases. Our effort is to design and deliver the following “Triangle of Clean Agent Monitoring”. Portalevel™ MAX and Permalevel™ Multiplex monitor and measure contents, and Portasteele™ Calculator is coming soon to establish the weight and mass of clean agents..

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