Civintec Announces EDGE as Software Partner

7 Jan 2013

In the beginning of December 2012, CIVINTEC announces Edge Group from Europe as his new software partner fo...

In the beginning of December 2012, CIVINTEC announces Edge Group from Europe as his new software partner for uTouch terminal. CIVINTEC is running software partner program for his uTouch terminal for various applications, such as payment, club membership, access control, time attendance. Several software companies are developing applications with uTouch. Edge Group is the one partner for access control / time attendance/ visitor system.

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We believe that the software Bond ID of Edge Group will enhance the marketing of uTouch in the solution of access control and time attendance system, used for small to large companies. uTouch will be more competitive with Bond ID powerful functions on the market. CIVINTEC welcomes more software companies to set up partnership with us in the same way.” said Mrs. Sally LJ Fang, the President of CIVINTEC.

Mr. Marko Emer, CEO of Edge Groups expressed the confidence of the cooperation: “We worked with CIVINTEC since years. We are quite confident of the combination between CIVINTEC hardware and our solution, it will satisfy clients in their access control and time attendance system. This is guaranteed in big stage by our long time experience in software development.”

uTouch is a state of the art terminal with combination between smart card including NFC and biometric. uTouch meets the most applications on the market such as time attendance, access control, club membership, visitor management, payment, etc.

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BoneID is a complete modular solution for  access control, time attendance and visitor managementwith all advanced functionalities, suitable for every type of company, from 10 to several thousands of employees. Getting monthly results for several thousand employees in less than a minute is starting point of our philosophy. Data can be directly transferred to payroll system.

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CiVinTec Global is the leading OEM/ODM manufacturer in the world, specialized on contact/contactless smart card & biometric readers & terminals. CIVINTEC exports to over 90 countries and areas around the world with ISO9001, ROHS, CE, FCC, UL product certification. CIVINTEC has built strong partnership with global market leaders, including NXP, LEGIC, Infineon, Inside, Texas Instruments and HID Global.

About EDGE:
EDGE Group is founded in 1989. Since then, Edge group is developing its business in the area of access control, time attendance and other advanced software solutions related to the smart card and biometrics technology. EDGE Group is an European company, consisted from young and highly educated people that are always in the top of the technology.

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