City surveillance project in Tel Aviv, Israel

12 Mar 2013

City surveillance project in Tel Aviv, Israel


City surveillance project in Tel Aviv, Israel



The large-scale city video surveillance project being conducted in Tel Aviv, Israel is designed to enhance its residents' safety and security and to safeguard critical infrastructure.

High-definition mega-pixel cameras have been installed throughout the city in locations such as traffic intersections and public parks. The project has requested that a high-bandwidth and highly robust solutions is required to enable security personnel to monitor video coverage from a remote location in real-time, and to provide immediate responses when needed. Therefore, Korenix solutions - JetNet 5310G are chosen and are deployed to optimize the transfer of high-resolution video images from the megapixel PTZ cameras back to the municipality's control center for security at the city surveillance project.

Korenix Solutions - JetNet 5310G PoE Switch - In the city surveillance project, up to as many as 8 cameras per site and transmit video images over 5 Km with the high capacity of 50 Mbps with zero latency. Korenix JetNet 5310G ruggedized high power PoE switches have delivered on the request to provide reliable surveillance networks. Each switch is able to deliver 30W power with up to 8 high power applications in PoE enabled devices, such as IP cameras, multimedia displays which are accessed through its PoE ports, while simultaneously collecting the captured video streams and other data with superior image quality over long distances. As a result this has greatly reduced installation and cabling connection costs which are now significantly lower.


To extend the captured video from the PoE switch in the control room, and other important messages, such as administration announcements, advertisement and emergency evacuation and alerts back to the station on LED/LCD displays, the uplink gigabit fiber SFP ports of the switches are used for data extension over the fiber. Korenix's patent - Multiple Super Ring redundancy protocol is supported on JetNet 5310G switches, which are feasible for administrators to form a fiber ring for transferring the real-time data with no loss or system collision.

The JetNet 5310G PoE switches, which have -40~75oC wide operating temperature range, are able to resist extremely high temperatures, when operated in particularly challenging city conditions, including non-line-of-sight, high interference and extreme environmental forces such as strong winds, fog, dust, and harsh climate. 

Korenix's PoE swithes have been chosen to be deployed as surveillance networks around the world due to their unmatched uplink capabilities and patent Ring systems redundancy protocols. With thousands of installations worldwide, Korenix has become the standard for implementing of high-end video surveillance transmissions.

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