Case study: Ports of Auckland

8 Jul 2013

Gallagher adds invaluable security system to diverse Ports of Auckland

Perimeter solutions: Maritime Port site profile

As key players in the international supply chain, ports and harbours rely on Gallagher systems for perimeter security.

"The Gallagher perimeter security system adds another layer of defence that has proved invaluable in the protection of this diverse site." Mike Gladman Port Security Manager, Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland

Ports all around the world are implementing tighter security measures to safeguard trade and tourism, port staff, port users and local communities from terrorism and trans-national crime. Ports of Auckland is no exception. As part of a programme of increased security measures, Ports of Auckland upgraded their perimeter security with the installation of a perimeter security system from Gallagher.

Formed in 1988, Ports of Auckland (POAL) provides shipping links to 164 ports in 67 countries. This Port is not only New Zealand’s largest trade gateway, it is also the country’s major hub port and biggest general cargo port handling over 840,000 20-foot container units (TEU) annually. The port handles 48% of the North Island container trade and 36% of New Zealand’s total container trade. In terms of New Zealand’s total trade by value, 50% of imports and 24% of exports go through the Port. Overall, POAL handles 35% of New Zealand’s total annual trade by value – the equivalent of 13% of annual GDP.

In response to the need for tighter security measures, the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and the New Zealand Maritime Security Act came into effect in 2004. The New Zealand government-appointed regulatory body, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ), verified that POAL is compliant with these national and international security requirements as of June 2004.

In fact, the Port exceeded MNZ’s expectations in developing and implementing its security plan. The feedback from MNZ commended POAL’s strong and professional focus to security, and their proactive and very detailed approach to the task.

Mike Gladman, Port Security Manager, comments: “Gaining compliance (with the 2004 Maritime Security Regulations) was a huge operation for Ports of Auckland. We spent in excess of NZ$1 million strengthening border security management. We put in place new port access systems, new photo identity cards, upgraded four kilometres of perimeter fencing and significantly improved our electronic surveillance systems”.

The perimeter security system had to meet a number of criteria. It had to:

> Satisfy MNZ that it detects and deters criminal entry

> Satisfy the Operations Managers the system was safe for staff and visitors

> Be ‘Community friendly’

> Be aesthetically pleasing.

To meet these requirements, POAL installed various types of Gallagher perimeter security.

A full height fence (2.4m to 3m tall) with chain link mesh guards the perimeter of various sites including the Axis Ferguson container terminal, New Zealand’s largest container terminal. This site features five quayside container cranes, including two powerful post-panamax cranes, and 25 straddle carriers. It has a 600-metre berth with the capacity for two large or three medium-sized ships. Work on a 9.5 hectare extension to the terminal, which will increase the potential TEU capacity to 500,000 a year, was completed in 2008 and also secured with the Gallagher perimeter security system because of its proven success.

An existing fence with heritage classification running along the city side of the Port had to remain untouched when securing this section of the perimeter. To preserve this piece of Auckland’s history, a full height Gallagher perimeter security system was installed inside the heritage fence. The heritage fence features a replica extension. This extension has a 13 wire alarm monitored ‘topper’ system. This structure inhibits anyone from breaching the perimeter and maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 2.1km of the full-height Gallagher system secures various internal access points from visitors’ car compounds to the Wynyard Wharf.

A key factor in the decision to install a Gallagher perimeter security system was that it is an intelligent system. It consists of independent fence zones which can be uniquely identified to accurately detect attack attempts to facilitate a fast appropriate response. In addition, a core consideration for the port environment was the Gallagher system’s safety for employees and the public. Gallagher perimeter security systems deter would-be intruders by delivering a short, safe shock to anyone trying to breach the fence. They are installed by certified Gallagher Dealers to meet stringent safety criteria.

Mike Gladman has commented that “the Gallagher perimeter security system adds another layer of defence that has proved invaluable in the protection of this diverse site. We needed to be confident that the Gallagher system could operate in all weather conditions without false alarming, and the Gallagher system continues to deliver in the sometimes adverse conditions of the port environment.”

By upgrading to Gallagher Trophy FT in 2008, POAL was able to take advantage of the high level integration with the Gallagher access control and intruder alarms system – another security system from Gallagher already installed at POAL.

The high level integration between the two systems means seamless site security is possible. Gallagher Trophy FT delivers:

> Centralised control of multiple, distributed sites

> Configuration of unlimited fence zones, with high voltage readings available for each zone on a central monitor

> Site plans that act as a graphical representation of the site, and reflect the real time status of items

> Full alarms management, with the ability to channel all alarms from across distributed sites for appropriate action

> Comprehensive audit trail, and flexible searching and reporting options

> System division, enabling the system to be segmented for management and monitoring purposes

> Extensive operator privileges to control who can view and edit information.

Key benefits of the Gallagher Trophy FT system for POAL are its scalability, network compatibility, integration possibilities, system architecture and ability to implement electronic access control and intruder alarms.

Ports of Auckland is satisfied that the Gallagher perimeter security system really sends the message that they are serious about security. This is evidenced by the fact that other ports look to replicate the high international standards and security measures this world class Port has implemented.


Gallagher would like to acknowledge the support of Ports of Auckland and their security partner Pride Contracting with the development of this in-site study.

Photos reproduced with permission from Ports of Auckland.

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