Brunnsäng School Secured with Brickcom Cameras

6 Mar 2015

The Brunnsäng School is a newly built school located in SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden, and accommodates the students from Grade F to Grade 9. In the very beginning of the school's construction, the authorities concerned decided to deploy the campus-wide surveillance system to protect the students and staff and properties.

Sweden is a country well known for its wealth, high-quality living, and therefore the labor cost is expensive. To build the video surveillance system with superior video quality, high flexibility, and low labor cost, the system integrator selected the Brickcom VD-300Np for the camera part of the system.

The VD-300Np camera is a 3-megapixel vandal-proof outdoor IP network camera. As a member in the N-series camera family, this camera is equipped with the SONY Exmor CMOS sensor and the Brickcom WDR Enhancement® technology, and is able to deliver the Full-HD (1080p @ 30fps. 2-megapixel) or the 3-megapixel video with superior image details, even at night or even if the monitored subject is surrounded by the intense back light. With the IK10 vandal-proof compliance, the VD-300Np is highly resistant to vandalism. Furthermore, the VD-300Np features SmartFocus? and allows for the remote zoom and focus adjustment over the network. The user simply needed to set the appropriate zoom level on the NVR or on the camera's web management interface, and then the camera automatically made the image in focus. This great feature significantly reduced the time and labor required to complete the intallation and commissioning, with added flexibility of changinig the camera's zoom level when needed.

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