Brickcom Runs on High Speed Italian Trains

6 Mar 2015

The high-speed trains in Italy provide the fast, comfortable and luxurious transportation service and serve as the symbol of Italy's high-class national mobility.

The high-speed Italian trains have monitors in the coaches, displaying the information about the journey, news, videos, etc. To provide the guests with an even more enjoyable traveling experience, the Italian train operator was looking for the camera system which can deliver the high-quality video of the outside of the train on the move.

This application is a great challenge for the camera, since the camera must be durable in an environment where there is constant vibration, exposure to the rain and dust, while at the same time transmitting the crystal-clear video when the train is moving at a maximum speed of 360km per hour.

After a long survey and evaluation, the Italian train operator decided to use the Brickcom MD-100Ae and MD-200Ap cameras for these trains, and the deployment was finished at the end of 2012.

The MD-100Ae and MD-200Ap were selected because they are EN50155 certified, which means they can stand the constant vibration on the transportation vehicle. Also, the MD-100Ae and MD-200Ap are IP67 weather-proof and IK-10 vandal-proof, and therefore are highly capable of the outdoor surveillance applications. The MD-200Ap provides the H.264 Full-HD 1080p video and the MD-100Ae provides the H.264 HD 720p video over one single PoE connection, and come with the built-in Micro-SD card slot to support the local video backup for the VMS system. All these great features make the MD-100Ae and MD-200Ap cameras the ideal solution to the mission-critical transporation applications.

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