Brickcom OB-300Np&OB-302Np Bullet Camera Provides Ideal Day& Night Outdoor Surveillance Solution

9 Oct 2012

Brickcom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and wireless surveillance solution...

Brickcom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and wireless surveillance solutions, announces that the Brickcom OB-300Np&OB-302Np Bullet series which provide ideal Day& Night Outdoor Surveillance Solution.

Superior Low Lux Surveillance

The OB-300Np&OB-302Np camera with SONY Exmor CMOS sensor is ideal for critical surveillance applications. It features superior dynamic range for outstanding performance in high-contrast and difficult lighting environments.

HD quality video at 1080p @30fps
For traffic surveillance, IP surveillance systems can provide real time traffic and accident coverage, OB-300Np&OB-302Np delivers extremely clear and detailed images even in night time. The Brickcom 3 Megapixel bullet camera is designed for challenging application which requires superior night time performance and HD quality video. The OB-300Np&OB-302Np offers “Real Time” HD quality video at 1080p @30fps giving end user smooth, seamless video. The OB-300Np&OB-302Np offers H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG triple codec compression for optimum compression, lower storage requirements, and faster transmission.

IP67 Weather Proof Enclosure – Suitable for Extreme Weather
For protection against the elements the OB-300Np&OB-302Np series is furnished with an IP67-rated, weather-proof housing to withstand rain and dust. The OB-300Np&OB-302Np camera also equipped with built-in fan and heater, allow the camera to operate perfectly in a temperature range of -40 ºC to 50ºC (-40ºF to 122ºF); the OB-300Np&OB-302Np camera can operate in a range of 0 ºC to 50ºC (32ºF to 122ºF).

Intelligent Multi-Profile Management®
The Brickcom OB-300Np&OB-302Np camera provides the advanced image sensor profile management function to adapt to the variable environments. With this feature, the user has the ability to set various sensor and lens attributes in a profile, including the brightness, contrast sharpness, saturation, exposure, de-noise, white balance, iris, IR-cut, etc. Furthermore, the profiles can be switched automatically following the user-defined conditions, such as Day & Night, Schedule, and Digital Input. Up to 3 pre-set profiles (Day, Night, Sunset) and 2 user-defined profiles are provided for the camera for unprecedented flexibility.

Built-in 3G module & IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Band Wireless Connectivity
The Brickcom OB-300Np&OB-302Np camera also have 3G version(GOB-300Np&GOB-302Np)& Wi-Fi version(WOB-300Np&WOB-302Np). GOB-300Np&GOB-302Np camera use a 3G SIM card to transmit video and audio data over a 3G network. This transmission option creates an innovative outdoor surveillance solution that frees users from the installation restrictions caused by internet infrastructure. WOB-300Np&WOB-302Np support 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band wireless connectivity and high bandwidth HD video transmission. By utilizing dual band WiFi, the WOB-300Np&WOB-302Np are able to deliver smooth video and audio surveillance without the interference of network traffic from devices such as laptops, portable phones, and microwaves. The high bandwidth ensures the HD video is transmitted clearly and smoothly.

Smart Focus® (OB-300N Series)
With built-in Brickcom Smart Focus® technology, OB-300Np cameras can be installed easily and quickly through the combination of smart features such as remote zoom for adjusting the angle of view over the network and remote focus that eliminates the need for manual focusing. Plus each camera has a multiple power input option making installation a breeze.

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