Brickcom MD Series Cameras Backed with E-Mark for European, USA, and Canadian Automotive Markets

20 Jun 2014

In many parts of the world, the automotive industry is one of the most conservative, with strict safety requirements and long certification periods. This is especially true with the European automotive market. The CE certification is widely applied to the car electric and electronic devices entering the European automotive market, but with the rise of sense of safety in the market, more stringent regulations have come out with the aim to serve as the new industry standards. The E-mark is one good example.The E-mark certification is established by Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), which now consists of 56 members, including the European Union members, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Canada, the Central Asian republics, Israel and the USA. The E-Mark is an approval marking that indicates the automotive product meets the requirements of the ECE regulations, and applies to a wide range of products, such as the car chargers, car lamps, car air pump, car fans, car TV / stereo, automotive power tools, windshields, seat belts, headlights, etc.All tests should be performed in the accredited test institution in the ECE members. In addition, the government of the ECE members should be the issuing authorization unit with their own series numbered respectively. Therefore, in general the ECE members will accept the test report and certificate that is in compliance with ECE regulations. That is, an automotive product that is E-mark certified in one ECE member country can be sold in the other ECE member counties without additional approvals.Brickcom is very proud to share with you that the Brickcom MD series mini dome cameras are E-mark certified (E9, with 9 indicating it was approved in Spain). Along with the IP67 and IK10 and EN50155 certification approvals, the Brickcom MD series mini dome cameras are the outstanding camera choice for the automotive applications.

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