Brickcom Expands Product Portfolio with NR-4000 Series Stand-Alone NVRs!

15 Dec 2014

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, is pleased to announce the NR-4000 series for its NVR product family.

The NR-4000 series includes the NR-4208 (4-bay tower stand-alone NVR with 8-channel recording) and NR-4216 (4-bay tower stand-alone NVR with 16-channel recording), both are designed for the SMB-grade IP network video surveillance. From the hardware perspective, the key features that the NR-4000 series offers include the HDMI local display (1920x1080 @ 200fps), max 360Mbps network processing speed, 6TB HDD support, and the RAID 0/1/5/10 support.

From the software perspective, the NR-4000 series is reliable with low power consumption. The NR-4000 series NVRs not only offer the recording, remote liveview, and remote playback of up to 16 channels, but also provide the mini-CMS function which allows the user to request video from other Brickcom stand-alone NVRs and view up to 144 channels on one single NVR. The event management (event-triggered recording, email notification, video/snapshot via e-mail, etc.) and smart search function (search by date, time, channel, event, etc.) are powerful and at the same time user-friendly for the user to locate the video quickly.The Brickcom NR-4000 series NVRs are available now.

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