BORIS Software Limited

Boris lets your engineer’s record on-site/mobile installations – all from their smart phone/tablet. This means you can see real-time tagged photos, Digital marked-up Drawings, Instant pricing of worksheets & Cost and Productivity information all in real-time. Excel & Pdf creation of worksheets and documents, and by using the system’s GPS, you can even locate your staff working as they move across different sites. So now you can track the man, and not the van. It’s really simple to use and to implement, with over 50 standard documents already prepared and ready to use. With the Flexibility to create 1000’s more as and when you need them.

BORIS is also ideal for H&S forms and Procedures like: Tool Box talks, Handovers, Risk Assessments, Q&A, Vehicle Safety checks, Training Certification, Plant & Equipment Safety Checks, Expense Claim Forms.

38 White House Street
LS10 1AD
Leeds, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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