Bold Technologies Integrates with innoVi from Agent Vi

3 Aug 2017

Bold Technologies, a leading provider of alarm monitoring and PSIM software, has recently completed the integration of ManitouNEO with innoVi from Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi). This integration provides monitoring centers with a state of the art video intrusion system.

ManitouNEO is the newest alarm monitoring software from Bold Technologies, designed to meet the sophisticated needs of the modern central station. Through this integration, events triggered from either IP or analog devices are delivered into the ManitouNEO workflow as intrusion events, with a direct link to the video for faster, more efficient response for monitoring centers. For dealers, innoVi features fully automatic calibration and scene learning, eliminating the need for masking, tweaking, and periodic maintenance.

“Monitoring companies want to monitor sensors that are easy to connect and require no ongoing maintenance,” said Zohar Adler, Director of Product Management at Agent Vi. “innoVi’s state of the art self-learning engine eliminates the tedious setup, ongoing maintenance, and false alarms associated with traditional video intrusion systems. Manitou users benefit from the high level of detection accuracy and corresponding dramatic reduction in false alarms that innoVi presents, while the installing dealer benefits from the easy setup and elimination of ongoing maintenance.”

Rod Coles, CEO/President of Bold Technologies, is pleased with the opportunities the new integration offers. “Agent Vi’s innoVi platform is an excellent solution for dealers who have customers in need of a streamlined video intrusion system which utilizes their existing cameras. With the completion of this integration, innoVi users also benefit from unique features, like Enhanced Action of ManitouNEO, and Enhanced Action Patterns.”

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