Bold Gemini monitoring for Kenya Risk

11 May 2014

Kenya Risk Consultants Limited is a leading security solutions specialist providing maritime security, close protection and investigation services throughout East Africa and beyond. Based on the coast in Mombasa, their expertise is utilised not just for passenger and cargo vessels in a high risk area of the Indian Ocean, but also for blue chip companies, hotels, industrial manufacturers, and the oil and gas sector, across a broad range of security and logistical issues. 

To deliver and commission a fully equipped alarm monitoring centre, Kenya Risk turned to another security industry expert, Bold Communications. Bold is an independent software development and projects company providing monitoring solutions for alarm and video receiving centres in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Bold solutions may be found in many different types of control rooms - for example, retailers, universities, banks, hospitals, police and military, in addition to commercial, accredited alarm and video receiving centres. 

Any industry standard alarm panel can be received and handled in Bold Gemini as well as a wide range of CCTV systems, lone worker and access control solutions. Interoperability between the different installed security technologies generates a far more effective response at the management level. This provides for services such alarm verification, identifying the nearest resources to an event Where custom software development is needed, for example, when a proprietary security product forms part of an overall project, Bold can provide a design and development service. As integration specialists, Bold has significant experience of delivering complex security monitoring solutions, combining event signalling from diverse systems with situational data to generate an effective workflow response. At the control room workstation, event and alarm handling is made clear and simple by the use of a common interface which guides the operator through a series of response tasks.

The challenge facing the user is to find a platform which works effectively across all relevant product groups, including retained legacy products as well as new technology, at the same time as reducing total ownership costs and, not least, making it all useable for the system operator. Being able to offer a comprehensive list of third party product interfaces is important, but it is also critical to have the capability to adapt their monitoring platform to their specific needs. Kenya Risk’s CEO, Niklas B Rogers, commented, “Bold provided a very comprehensive monitoring solution which closely matched our requirements and handled the whole project with great speed and efficiency. The Gemini system does exactly what we need at the moment but it also offers the capability to expand our range of security monitoring services in the future. Our operators are very positive about using the software which is well thought out and easy to use." Gemini handles the complete range of communications modes and alarm signalling protocols, and supports all the popular CCTV control room solutions and lone worker products. The Gemini platform provides a core, multi-protocol solution with workflow task processing and unlimited scaleability for all monitoring control rooms, supported by Bold 24/7 technical specialists.

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