Biometric firm ievo® Ltd relocates Corporate Headquarters to accommodate the recent business growth

8 Apr 2013

Is this the start of the biometric boom? For ievo® it seems so! In September, 2012 ievo® Ltd, a leading biometric manufacturer, announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters t...

Is this the start of the biometric boom? For ievo® it seems so! In September, 2012 ievo® Ltd, a leading biometric manufacturer, announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters to the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate.   The new premises will accommodate the recent year’s growth of the business, including the growth in numbers of staff.

“As our products continue to be adopted into new markets and our company continues to grow, we needed to find a larger facility in the right location for our evolving business.  It made great sense for our company to select the Tyne Tunnel Trading Est. for the location of our new office, keeping to our North East roots,” said Shaun Oakes, Managing Director of ievo Ltd.  “We considered many locations for our new offices however we feel it is important for us to support our local economy. We have always had a strong focus on supporting local businesses, employment and regional growth.”


The continual growth of the company has also led to an increase in staff within ievo®’s expansion to now include a marketing department. Within this department ievo® have also chosen to go into partnership with the local Universities to develop an apprenticeship scheme for graduates to gain experience and employment. The scheme has proved highly successful now moving into its second year. Managing Director Shaun understands the struggle for young graduates to gain employment and the importance of supporting the local Universities in this difficult economic time. “At ievo® we have an exceptionally talented team consisting of many young members. We are passionate about encouraging young talent within the local economy. One of our recent apprentices was the key driver behind our Platinum Pack (a marketing support pack for installers consisting of 10 industry specific brochures), which has become one of the key services we offer that sets us apart from our competitors. ”

ievo®’s expansion as a result of their rapid growth is due to the widespread increased awareness of their hugely successful products. The company’s products have gained great press including a recommendation by Benchmark Magazine. ievo® currently manufacture two fingerprint readers, one internal and one external. The success of the readers is largely due to the high performance of the product following its development. Having experienced first-hand the short falls of existing biometric technologies, collectively the team decided to produce their own biometric fingerprint reader that would surpass competitors trading on the market. The company quizzed the likes of architects, facility managers, contractors, security installers and end users within the development process, with the feedback enabling the team to create the ultimate biometric readers. The readers have now been integrated into offices, schools and nurseries.

This positive story shows the success biometrics are receiving at the minute. With a stronger importance held on security today we expect this success to continue within the industry. The future is looking very bright for ievo® and security manufacturers.

iEvo Ltd
T: 0845 643 6632

Unit 5, Mercury Court
Orion Business Park
Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate
NE29 7SN
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear
United Kingdom

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