Belgian Post Office chooses RISCO Group’s ProSYS Integrated Security Systems

19 Aug 2013

ProSYS Integrated Systems will be installed in over 800 branches to improve security of Post Office premises.

The Belgian Post Office, like many other post offices around the world, provides the dual services of mailing and banking to the community. In Belgium there are 1300 national branches; some of them provide mailing and banking services, while others provide only mailing or only banking services.

The Challenge

The Belgian Post Office realized that in order to serve its customers better it needed to improve the security of its premises. A fully integrated TCP/IP based security solution was required to enable their security managers to monitor all branches and operations from a central control room.

Special requirements included an integrated security system that enables control of the bank vaults and ATM protection, data transfer and management via TCP/IP network, and remote control and diagnostics of each component of the security system.

An important factor for selection was a high level of cooperation between the manufacturing company and the integrator. A manufacturer that responds quickly to requirements and is committed to excellent support was required - and all at a reasonable cost.

The Solution

RISCO Group’s ProSYS integrated security system was selected from 13 candidates, after receiving the highest bid score. RISCO Group, together with the Belgian Security Integration Company (BSC) and Bosch Belgium, came up with the best solution for the Post Office, offering them Vault and ATM control, TCP/IP network connectivity, Remote Control and Diagnostics together with a management tool.

The Highlights

ProSYS Integrated Systems will be installed in more than 800 branches. Each branch is to be equipped with a ProSYS 128 and ACM Advanced Communications Module for TCP/IP connectivity, ProSYS Access Control, Vault Control Units and other Rokonet accessories and detectors.

The ACM enables simultaneous multiple channel TCP/IP communication for concurrent Upload/Download communication and Monitoring Station event reporting. The ACM module works via secure communication with a full SSL stack using AES256 bit encryption.

RISCO Group’s IP/GSM Receiver in the Control Room receives the encrypted protocol from the ProSYS and ACM via TCP/IP, and translates the events to standard protocols used by Monitoring Station applications.

Vault Control Units are connected by the ProSYS four wire RS485 bus, enabling direct supervision and control via the ProSYS panel. The monitoring station can monitor and control each and every action of the vaults in all branches over TCP/IP, enabling fast recognition and response to deviations from normal working procedures.

Rokonet’s iWISE dual technology detectors with Active Infrared Anti-masking and Anti-Cloak™ Technology for detecting camouflaged intruders are installed, ensuring the highest level of security.

The Customer's Point of View

According to Mr. Ortwin De Vliegher, Security Manager at the Belgium Post; “Almost 300 ProSYS security systems with vault control units are already installed in Post office branches in Belgium. These systems are remotely controlled by our monitoring stations to our satisfaction. In the next 3 years we will continue to install ProSYS security systems in other post office branches. We are very pleased with the co-operation received from Rokonet and hope to continue the project this way in the future."

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