Basson Group enables City of London to see the wood for the trees.

21 Mar 2013

  Case study   The City Of London turns to the Basson Group to see the forest for the trees.   South Woodf...


Case study


The City Of London turns to the Basson Group to see the forest for the trees.


South Woodford, London, UK, 8th January 2013. Epping Forest is London’s largest open space, at approximately 6,000 acres. The forest stretches 12 miles from Manor Park in east London to just north of Epping in Essex. The forest, which is managed by the City of London Open Spaces Department, is home to an abundance of wildlife and part of their CCTV requirement was to avoid any unnecessary light pollution that would have an adverse effect on the environment. At the City of London they rely on CCTV for both security and the visual management of their staff and facilities in sometimes remote and dark areas, so finding a provider that could offer cameras with extremely low failure rates was important.  


The Basson Group, a preferred supplier for the City of London Open Spaces Department for at least the last seven years, were asked to supply all the IR cameras for the Epping Forrest Office where they’ve had a spate of thefts involving heavy plant and farming machinery. One of the sites within the forest, called The Warren, where they keep this type of machinery has no real perimeter fence as such and is accessible to the public. During the winter months this area is completely pitch black and is a target for local thieves aware of the high value of this equipment.


In the past the City of London had favored using separate mains operated illuminators that had caused both light pollution and increased energy costs. The Basson Group, specialist suppliers of infrared and light enhancing CCTV cameras, were asked to upgrade the corporation’s hardware with a robust and affordable solution.


More than 20 static IR cameras were chosen from Basson’s range that would help monitor this area. In particular, the IRB2-84VHQ was preferred as these cameras are specifically designed to give clear and crisp images that are bright, clear and crisp – be it day or night! The IR2P84HQ has a central pod containing the camera, with two further pods attached, which contain a combined total of 84 IR LEDs. Separating the IR LEDs from the main camera body means that even if a spider builds a web across the front of the camera, the IR won’t reflect back into the camera iris as seen on most other IR cameras. This also prevents the nighttime image from being ruined by rain droplets collecting on the front of the camera glass, and the IR reflecting from the rain droplets back into the camera iris. All of these factors played an important role in the City of London’s choice of camera supplier, as they were keen to avoid any expensive ongoing maintenance resulting from having to clean the cameras.


Commenting on the installation, Richard Barrell, Asset Management Officer at the City of London Epping Forest Office, said: “I would have no reservation in recommending The Basson Group to any business of Local Authority, as an excellent, reactive, customer-driven supplier of CCTV cameras and equipment. In my experience Basson’s cameras are amongst the best products that we have ever used on the City of London’s numerous sites”.




About Basson


The Basson Group was established in 1971 and is the best name in the industry for CCTV Infra-red and light enhancing cameras.

Our original background as a trusted and reliable CCTV installation company has given us a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t work as far as camera technology is concerned. Since we started manufacturing over 20 years ago we have developed a range of high performance and market leading IR CCTV cameras.

Having supplied products to the security industry for many years, we have seen cameras come and go, and recognise the need for rugged and reliable equipment that simply performs exceptionally. Our aim is to produce cameras that installers of the highest integrity would be happy to install. We aim to produce products that we are proud to have our name on and ones that offer our customers years of maintenance free operation.

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