baimos technologies gmbh

baimos technologies provides the software platform BlueID which can turn any mobile app and smartphone into a secure digital key for electronic cylinders, trims and wall readers as well as for barriers, cabinets, pollers, gates and many others, as it fits perfectly into any control unit. By quickly integrating a few lines of code from the BlueID SDK on both – the mobile app as well as the object side – your access solution is ready for the mobile wave.

The strength of BlueID is its patent protected offline functionality which ensures local communication, authentication and authorization all within one second. BlueID provides strong security for digital keys stored on the smartphone but does not require secure elements on the smartphone side. That’s why BlueID helps to scale your solution globally. 

Please visit us on IFSEC at C1605 and join prestigious companies like DORMA, ISEO, EMKA, emerson, LG, AUDI, Daimler mobility services and...

baimos technologies gmbh
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